Remote Temperature Monitoring

Protect your most valuable inventory while reducing your labor costs with Blanket's 24/7 refrigeration monitoring.

Blanket Sensor Benefits

Your Inventory

Food Safety

Human Error

Save on
Labor Costs

Eliminate worry with custom alerts

Blanket alerts are simple. Define your safe temperature ranges and set up trigger notifications to be sent as soon as out of range temperatures are detected. Make sure the right people get notified by both email and SMS.

Accessible refrigeration data in the palm of your hand

Reduce food spoilage while simultaneously having access to historical data on your refrigerator's performance. Share valuable information with key stakeholders, as well as 3rd party inspections.

Track your equipment’s performance

Reduce risk and make sure your equipment is working correctly by analyzing past performance. Previous alerts reports show you when equipment failed and for how long. Use this information to stay on top of maintenance or replacement for equipment that regularly fails — helping you mitigate risks for lost inventory and save money over the long haul.
Bluetooth Thermometers

Perform faster and more accurate linechecks.

Pair Thermoworks digital thermopens with your Blanket line checks for fast and accurate readings to ensure food safety.
Thermoworks thermometers are waterproof, known for their long battery life, and read accurate temperatures within 2 seconds.
If something is out of desired range, trigger an instant corrective action or follow up task.

What Our Clients Say

“If you aren't there as a manager, with Blanket, you can still log in and see EXACTLY what is going on.”

Christian Sailer,
Franchise Business Consultant
“Customizable all the way down to the front line. Blanket was accepted quickly. It was straight forward. It wasUSER FRIENDLY

Will Bowker,
Regional VP & Operating Partner
“With the support of Blanket we put STANDARDS, PROCESS, AND SAFETY at the forefront of everything we do.”

Josh P.,
Project Manager