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With blanket, we’ve seen an overall improvement with our Everclean and the State Health Department scores. Blanket creates an action plan for you, which has made what used to be repeat areas of opportunity being corrected, much faster.

AJ Jolly
Sr. Director of Operations
Upward Projects | Postino Wine Bar
List Reports Summary

See everything in one secure place

Get an instant view of what’s happening across your sites. See average scores, completion percentage, submisison count, average duration, and more.
Filter your data  by date, template name, and location to see the big picture or drill down to view individual responses and performance.
Gallery View

Improve your vision.

You may not be everywhere at once, but you can see everything at once with gallery view reports.
Reward where standards are being executed in the field, and if not, have the photographic evidence for coaching conversations.
Failed Items

Discover areas of opportunity
and take action on insights

Identify negative trends across your sites and take corrective action to minimize risk.
View issues by reviewing frequently flagged items from different sites, groups, or audit type.
Pencil Whipped Submissions

Fast & dirty data helps no one.

You set the time standard for how long an inspection or checklist should take. When a user performs that list too quickly, it will get flagged as “pencil whipped” and notify supervisors.
Don’t sacrifice quality data; ensure your team is taking the time to gather the information you need to run your business.

What Our Clients Say

“If you aren't there as a manager, with Blanket, you can still log in and see EXACTLY what is going on.”

Christian Sailer,
Franchise Business Consultant
“Customizable all the way down to the front line. Blanket was accepted quickly. It was straight forward. It wasUSER FRIENDLY

Will Bowker,
Regional VP & Operating Partner
“With the support of Blanket we put STANDARDS, PROCESS, AND SAFETY at the forefront of everything we do.”

Josh P.,
Project Manager

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