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Blanket is used by multi-unit operators to ensure compliance of operating procedures, food safety protocols, and other projects. Automation saves your team hours each day, and execs know exactly what’s happening at the front lines, in real time.

Assessments and Checklists

Turn your store assessments into live interactive data capture

By converting your paper checklists and excel spreadsheets into Blanket “Smart Forms”, your store assessments become interactive data collection from your field teams.
District managers will save hours performing quality assessment inspections digitally. With the ability to capture infractions, scores and pictures, corporate teams can review these in “real-time”.
Task Management

Unify Your Processes, Assign Tasks, Get things done.

Set clear guidelines for your on-site managers and team members around safety, cleanliness, and brand standards with daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled tasks and task lists.
Empower your whole team to easily report observations, maintenance requests, hazards, and more while instantly notifying the right people.

Customized reports, right to your inbox.

See the big picture by reviewing trends or drill down to view single responses. Customize your data with filtering by date range, location groups or individual site, templates, and more.
Photo galleries can either highlight excellent performance, or show you where coaching is needed most.

Keep the work talk in the work app

Reach your front line team immediately through one-to-one messaging or create group chats to facilitate teamwork, effective communication and collaboration.
Send company-wide announcements and track readership at the user level. See exactly who viewed, acknowledged, or ignored your message.
Brand Library

Brand Resources at your fingertips.

Store important company documents like SOP’s, recipes, steps of service, and other training tools in the Library and share them by position and location.
Empower your team with the resources they need to be successful.

What else can you do with Blanket?

Food Safety

Ensure your food safety practices are up to standards, and being performed each and every day.

Label Printing

Automate your most tedious food safety tasks with a digital printing solution.

Brand Library

Store your company documents and share them by position and location.


Quickly chat with your teammates in 1:1 or group conversations. Make organization wide announcements.


Beautiful reporting to show you performance by dozens of metrics.


Celebrate your employees with customizable recognition badges and prizes.


Find out what has and has not been done on time from the palm of your hand.


Create friendly competition amongst your by applying points to tasks completed on time.

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What Our Clients Say

“If you aren't there as a manager, with Blanket, you can still log in and see EXACTLY what is going on.”

Christian Sailer,
Franchise Business Consultant
“Customizable all the way down to the front line. Blanket was accepted quickly. It was straight forward. It wasUSER FRIENDLY

Will Bowker,
Regional VP & Operating Partner
“With the support of Blanket we put STANDARDS, PROCESS, AND SAFETY at the forefront of everything we do.”

Josh P.,
Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What will Blanket help me with?

Blanket will reduce the administrative time in performing audits and creating action plans, so you can spend more time providing quality coaching to your team.

How do I get started? Can I use my existing lists and forms?

Absolutely! Blanket helps convert your existing forms and checklists into Blanket templates. We have a dedicated team to help make this happen!

Does Blanket offer complex performance reporting?

We do. Blanket reports are exportable, customizable, and linkable to just about anything your teams will need.

Can I use Blanket offline?

Not today, but coming soon! Not only will we offer offline functionality..... two or more team members can work on the same form / list. We willtrack exactly who did what, and when they did it.

Do you I have to pay for Blanket?

Not to get started. Give Blanket a try. Our pricing is flexible, and we can find a solution for your business.

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