Perfect Task Execution at the Front Line

Automate all of your processes and empower your frontline teams to be more productive. Gain full visibility into daily execution.

“If you aren’t there as a manager, you can still log in and see exactly what's going on in your store”

Christian Sailer
Business Franchise Coach
Scheduled Lists

Unify your processes

Give your frontline teams everything they need to be more efficient on their digital devices. Blanket allows you to digitize checklists for your standard operating procedures.
Blanket provides full transparency, with real time data, so you quicly see what’s going on and take action when you need to.

Fast Request resolution

Empower anyone on your team to easily report observations, maintenance requests, hazards, and more while instantly notifying the right people. Issue Reports help you identify trends so you can put in place long term resolutions.
Action Plans

Stay on top of follow ups long after you’ve left the store.

Use one source of truth to execute leadership visits and various compliance audits, create instant action plans, and assign ad-hoc punch list items where the progress is measurable.
Get notifications when follow up tasks are assigned, completeted, or needs your approval.

Accountability is in the data.

Data can provide details that you may miss in the moment. Blanket dashboards give you a clear understanding of performance, and helps you identify trends and areas of opportunity for your teams.

Create & Customize Checklists for any Use-Case

Opening & Closing checklists

Cash Management

Deep cleaning checklists

Food storage checklists

Side work checklists

Inventory Counts

Kitchen equipment service report

Health inspection checklist

Manager checklists

Food prep checklists


What Our Clients Say

“If you aren't there as a manager, with Blanket, you can still log in and see EXACTLY what is going on.”

Christian Sailer,
Franchise Business Consultant
“Customizable all the way down to the front line. Blanket was accepted quickly. It was straight forward. It wasUSER FRIENDLY

Will Bowker,
Regional VP & Operating Partner
“With the support of Blanket we put STANDARDS, PROCESS, AND SAFETY at the forefront of everything we do.”

Josh P.,
Project Manager

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