Celebrate your team's performance

Engage your employees with a gamified rewards system. Send them recognitions for great work, and let them redeem prizes for a job well done.

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Elevate your team’s productivity
and boost their engagement

Blanket rewards is an integrated product embeded in the Blanket platform. When your team members excel in their work, you can empower your management to recognize them through platform. These accolades can then be redeemed for prizes and perks that you customize.


Elevate your team’s productivity.

Managers can celebrate performance, great guest feedback, or more!
They are fully customizeable to your brand culture, and you decide how many can be given away each month.
Badges have coin values assigned to them, and when a team member has enough, they can redeem them for prizes.

Inspire your team to go above & beyond.

Stock your digital case with cool prizes that your team will want to earn. These are fully customizeable in items, design, and value.
When your team member claims a prize, your managers are notified and fufillment is tracked on the web portal.

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