Temperature Sensor ROI Calculator

Prevent downtime by catching issues before they arise

Temperature Sensor ROI Calculator

There is quite a bit to consider when you are thinking about making the investment in any hardware solution that has the potential to decrease labor costs, and minimize risk. However, automating refrigeration and cold storage temperature checks has a clear ROI that can be realized within the first few months of implementation.

Blanket Sensors protect your inventory and improve your bottom line by saving you thousands of dollars. Here is a short list of benefits from making the investment:

  • Eliminate product loss resulting from equipment failures, power loss, and human error
  • Save valuable employee time spent on daily temperature checks
  • Prevent downtime by catching issues before they arise

Calculate your savings below:

These savings are calculated with a few assumptions in mind:

The first assumption being that it takes about 2 minutes to capture an accurate temperature reading for a piece of equipment which includes an employee walking to the equipment, viewing, and lastly recording.

The next assumption relates to your potential loss in inventory for a piece of equipment going down.

Ensuring your equipment is properly running at all times is now easier than ever.

Blanket has you covered.

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