Health screenings keep restaurant employees safe from COVID-19

COVID-19 has created new, major challenges for multi-unit restaurants:

Health screenings keep restaurant employees safe from COVID-19

Multi-unit restaurant operators faced their fair share of operational difficulties before the pandemic. After all, managing multiple stores over a wide geographical area is no simple task. But as COVID-19 continues to affect the restaurant industry, operators are forced to find new and innovative ways to heighten their awareness of the safety, cleanliness and health of their stores.  

COVID-19 has created new, major challenges for multi-unit restaurants:

  1. Complying with safety protocols: Most restaurant chains did not have the tools in place to enact new safety protocols and strategies overnight. The infrastructure to ensure that each store complies with new procedures was relatively non-existent pre-Covid. The use of digital health checks to help district managers reduce travel between stores has only increased.
  2. New operational processes: Operational processes such as shifting entirely to takeout or using food delivery apps became necessary for survival. Multi-unit restaurants never had to roll out new processes this fast. The ability to adapt quickly became more important than ever. Some were not quick enough.  
  3. Proper execution: Most district managers and owners have little oversight over onsite operational execution, relying heavily on store managers to make sure work gets done properly. With so many new processes and safety protocols happening at once, ensuring proper execution has become a much bigger job, even for the best store managers.

Blanket is designed to help restaurants stay safe,

especially during COVID-19

The first step in keeping restaurant patrons safe from COVID-19, is keeping employees safe. Using a simple process that quickly screens employees for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, Blanket allows restaurant operators to review and approve staff results before allowing them to work their shift.

Blanket offers health screening functionality as a standard on the app. Restaurants can choose pre-built health screening templates or design their own to comply with local regulations. Health checks are instantly deployed to every employee’s mobile phone via the Blanket app and can be made a

pre-shift requirement. Managers can set conditional approvals that employees are required to pass before starting their shift. If they fail, separate measures can be put in place to detail the procedure. Catching early symptoms and exposure reduces the risk of spreading disease while avoiding costly restaurant closures.

Because guidelines frequently change during a pandemic, this screening process and the onsite policies need to be agile and adaptable. Blanket enables restaurants to screen quickly and instantly make changes to the questions and protocols in all of their stores based on the most up to date regulations and requirements.

Ensuring proper COVID-19 compliance is critical during these difficult times for restaurants.

Blankethas you covered.

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