An easier way to run your restaurant business

An easier way to run your restaurant business

Mission Statement

Blanket’s mission is to help front line teams thrive, and bring joy to their everyday work.

During his years operating his growing restaurant business, Blanket founder Michael Jacober dealt with endless problems managing and organizing all the work within his stores. He knew there was a better way than relying on email, text messages, and paper-based systems to manage, multi-unit operations, especially for people who are always on the go and rarely in the office.

To help keep his teams on track, he built an internal tool that allowed him and his partner to communicate more effectively with their in store teams. Inspired by how much time they saved traveling between locations, Michael founded Blanket to help operators maximize their time, and manage their everyday work.

Our Core Values


Recognizing and Understanding each other.“Empathy is the connective tissue that creates and bonds strong teams”

Done is better than perfect:

Believe in your work and show it to the world.“Perfection equals paralysis”


Giving feedback to empower ownership and clarity.“Clear expectations allow for more productivity”


Creative ways to change and solve problems internally and for our customers.“We want to make a difference”

Hard Work:

The measurement of hard work is through effort.“Complete effort is a complete victory.”

Enjoy the Journey:

"Express gratitude, celebrate, and remember to laugh.”

Letter From The CEO

How did I get here?

I ask myself that at least once a day. I had a pretty good thing going as a restaurant owner/operator, but as my business was expanding, it was getting exponentially harder to manage my day to day. More staff meant more management, and more management meant less time focusing on the things that inspired me to grow my business.

Staying on top of my staff's daily duties was nearly impossible, even after spending countless hours setting up systems that were supposed to make things easier. Communication was a huge challenge as well. Email and SMS were proving really tough to stay on top of, so I tried many types of software that were supposedly designed to make these things run smoother. None of them seemed to make sense for someone on the move as much as me.

That's when I decided to build Blanket.

Blanket is a task management solution and communication tool for companies whose staff is on the go, or on their feet, not behind a desk. We built a very simple interface that's easy to understand, but extremely powerful, and all with Real Time functionality.

If you're having a tough time keeping your staff accountable for their tasks, or looking to be on the same page with your communication, I think you'll find Blanket is the right tool for you.